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The Night before the Christmas

Halloween town’s Scariest Skeleton

on October 31 everybody in Halloween town was excited. Halloween night was the most important night of their years and they were all afraid.Dead people came up from under the ground.Thirsty vampires happy drank a lot of blood.Ugly old witches changed some people into cats and other and other people into fish.Every rand from the skeletons,from the sound of the long,thin arms and  legs.Black cats jumped in and out of trash cans.Black bird flew throw the dark sky with  loud,high cries.And Jack Skellington sang  his scary song and scared people. screamed .They were afraid they love it.

.At the end f the Halloween night , every body went to the center of town.The mayor Halloween stood in front f them and spoke

Tonight was the best Halloween party in many years,and a hard work of one man made it possible,he said.He turned tot he town’s greatest Skeleton.”Jack–Thank you.”

It was great Jack!people shouted.we love it!It was beautiful!Yes,The Mayor said.we all enjoy Jack’s Scary song And dangerous  moves Jack,you’re the scariest skeleton in Halloween!Thank you for these wonderful celebrations..

.no problem ,Jack said.

But Jack wasn’t happy,Every year he repeated the same song and move and he was bored with Halloween.Of course , he couldn’t tell any body.How could he?The people of the town liked  him and they waited all year for this night

When the mayor started talking about the scariest vampires and witches,Jack walked away quietly.He wanted to think about his future.He walked out of town and past the old churchyard.He walk past Sally,too,but he didn’t see her.

Sally was also sad/She watched Jack and she wanted to fallow him.But he had to be careful.The Doctor didn’t like it when she left the house.And when she didn’t listen to him, he got very angry.The doctor was a very ugly,old Skeleton ad he was not a nice man.After his accident,he couldn’t walk.He made Sally,from old clothes,because she wanted a strong young woman in his house.Her clothes were not very pretty,but she had beautiful long red hair

The doctor could move around in his chair  but Sally had to cook for him.she cleaned foe him and didn’t everything in the house.Her life was boring and she really wanted to run away.She tried to leave many times but he always caught her.

Why is Jack sad tonight?Sally thought.He’s the most wonderful man in Halloween and every body likes him.

She listened hard .She could hear  Jack’swords to his little white dog,Zero.Zero came out from under the ground ans flew behind Jack.He was dead,of course,so you could see through him.but he had funny red nose and it shone in the dark.I scare people every year,Zero,Jack Skellington said quietly to his dog.It’s boring and I’m tired. I don’t want to hear another scream.Why do i do it ?Now  I  understand…he’s bored,Sally thought sadly.He wants to change his life..I want to change mine,too.

.She looked around the churchyard

I’ll take some of those flowers,she thought.I’ll put them in the Doctor’s drink again tonight so he’ll sleep.But this time,when he sleeping,I’ll run away.I’ll find Jack and maybe he’ll go with me.we’ll be free!

A sound came through the trees from along way away.

Sally?Where are you?It was a doctor and he was very angry.I’m coming!Sally shouted.

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